Cor Naturel et Sauterelle à tons Couesnon Monopole Ascendant Descendant

2 tons F#/ G parfait état 

Certains facteurs d'instrument inventèrent le cor sauterelle.

C'était un cor avec lequel on pouvait jouer soit uniquement sans les pistons, soit en utilisant les pistons, on rajoutait alors les pistons.


Around 1830, the First Piston Valves French Horns are manufactured, and created a long dispute between from one part, the musicians and the composers who wanted to keep the Natural Horn with its traditional tones and the "Modern ones" looking for improvment and very keen of these new piston valves instruments.

In addition, it appeared to the instrumentists necessary to have 2 items : a Natural Horn and another one with a Piston Valve

Then the idea arrived to realise one same instrument only letting to play both combining together the Natural Horn and the Piston Valve System Horn.

This was made possible  with the addition of a removeable piston chamber to the Natural Horn.

So, it was then possible either to get a new horn manufactured with this system or starting from the Natural Horn to add a piston chamber.

Lots of musicians used to play with their own usual instrument decided  to chosse this latter option.

Then the "GRASSHOPPER"or the Sauterelle  French Horn was born.